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Hard Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

Vanguard Cleaning offers hard floor cleaning and maintenance for a wide range of flooring types:

  • VCT (Vinyl composite tile)
  • LVT (Luxury vinyl tile)
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Cork
  • Rubber
  • Polished Concrete
  • Terrazzo
  • Marble
  • Wood
  • Matting

What if your facility’s floors looked great all the time?

The condition of your floors is important to your facility’s appearance and your company’s image. Therefore, it’s important to work with professionals who understand the proper daily cleaning and annual maintenance processes that keep surfaces clean, streak-free, shiny and safe. Many companies ignore hard floor care for years, believing it saves money. And it does – but only in the short run. Over time, poor image, long-term damage and a higher risk of injury all lead to staggering costs.

Our franchisees receive continuing education about effective new trends in hard floor care and maintenance including:

  • Refinishing
  • Scrubbing & Re-coating
  • Buffing or Burnishing
  • Refinishing

Refinishing – Stripping, cleaning, and rinsing the floor’s surface before applying new coats of finish protect the floor and improve appearance.

For wood, cork and marble flooring, sanding is recommended to remove deep scratches, visible gouges, and other significant damage. Frequency is dependent on the amount of traffic a floor receives, the material and whether the floor has been properly cared for on a day to day basis. Reach out to one of our customer specialists to learn about the proper care of your floor material.

Scrubbing and Re-coating — Periodic maintenance by removing the top layer of floor finish, thoroughly cleaning the floor, and reapplying finish. This extends the life of the finish, saving money by reducing the frequency of more costly refinishing jobs.

The method and frequency of scrubbing and re-coating needed depend on the type of flooring and the traffic it receives. Each material has specific requirements to keep it looking its best.  This is an important question to ask potential vendors.  If they are unable to provide you with specific instructions for your floor material, consider this a red flag.

Spray Buffing or High-Speed Burnishing – Restores shine to keep floors looking their best.

Depending on the requirements of the facility, this may be performed quarterly (low traffic areas), monthly (office lobbies and hallways), or more frequently (hospitals, supermarkets, and retail environments).  Flooring material types that can benefit from buffing or burnishing include polished concrete, terrazzo, VCT and VAT.  Don’t know what material type your flooring is comprised of? Contact us! We will not only identify the material but lay out a detailed care plan that helps preserve your flooring investment.

Understanding the requirements of each material helps us ensure your unique surface gets the correct attention to keep it looking good for years to come.

Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Service


There are many things to consider before choosing a commercial cleaning service that’s right for your building and the people who spend time there. For example, what’s right for a small office is not a good fit for a high traffic public building.

The Vanguard Cleaning Services team is happy to help you consider all your options with this FREE comprehensive guide to choosing a commercial cleaning company: “8 Steps to Outsourcing Your Commercial Cleaning Needs“.