Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota is the easy answer to your commercial cleaning needs. Together with our franchisees, we provide professional, dependable cleaning services to maintain your stand-alone building, campus or multi-location facility. 


In 2005, Cindy Banchy left her 16-year career at IBM to become Minnesota’s first Master Franchiser for Vanguard Cleaning Systems. With no customers or cleaning teams to start, Cindy gradually attracted dozens of small business owners with solid commercial cleaning experience to become independent franchisees. 

Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota employees help our franchisees grow their businesses strategically. We provide marketing, sales, billing, and customer service support so our franchisees focus on serving customers and managing their crews.

Our customers can relax, knowing we have carefully selected a cleaning team to meet their specifications. 

All Work And No Play? No Way!

While Vanguard works hard to be the best commercial cleaning service in Minnesota, we also make time for fun. We inspire employees with regular off-site volunteer days, after-hours events, and holiday parties. We also donate funds to various activities for our franchisees such as cricket teams, Cinco de Mayo events, Scout trips, and more.

In the end, it all adds up to a highly motivated group of franchisees and staff who love their work and love to improve their clients’ spaces and lives. Simply put, we’ve created a unique culture that works!


OUR Team

Cindy Banchy

Cindy Banchy


Cindy takes great pride in being one of the few women owners in a male-dominated industry.

Growing up on a farm in Wisconsin, she learned the value of hard work and entrepreneurship. After 16 years at IBM, Cindy became Minnesota’s first Vanguard Cleaning Systems Master Franchiser. Her business model encourages and empowers employees and franchisees to achieve their highest potential for success.

Her value of hard work extends beyond the office, she is also an avid runner and experienced triathlete. And not just any triathlete, Cindy has completed two Ironman triathlons!

Cindy is proud of the team she’s built and the franchisees she’s helped succeed. They are all a reflection of her values and dedication to service.

Michael Hamerlind

Michael Hamerlind

Assistant Regional Director (2009)

Michael considers Highland Park in St. Paul a hidden gem. He grew up there in the 70s and not much has changed. You can still catch a first-run movie at the Highland Theatre (where he first saw Star Wars on the big screen), pop across the street to the Highland Grill for the best turkey burger in town, or grab a cup of java at Quixotic Coffee next door. So much local flare in the city!


  • Recognized as a top sales executive seven out of nine years in the business
  • Expertise in facility and building analysis
  • Ability to partner clients with the right franchise crew based on skill set and geography
  • Vision to help franchisees grow their business strategically
Valerie Jolley

Valerie Jolley

Accounting Manager (2012)

Winter can seem never-ending at times in the Midwest, and because of that Valerie makes sure to take advantage of summer for the limited time it’s around. She uses that warm weather to swim in pools, at water parks, and in any of the 11,842 lakes that populate this state.


  • 15+ years of experience in accounts payable, accounts receivable and collections
  • Works with franchisees to develop and implement procedures that ensure smooth billing and payment processes
Paul Rauch

Paul Rauch

Brand Services Manager (2018)

Paul has learned to adapt to Minnesota’s diverse weather. He enjoys skiing and ice fishing in the winter and swimming, golfing and camping in the summer.


  • 5+ years as Director of Special Services and 3+ years as a cleaning company owner.
  • Expertise in all facets of commercial cleaning; specializing in medical, surgical and terminal cleaning, clean room procedures, and special services.
  • Advanced training skills to assist Franchisees in building their business with best practices for cleaning, project management and communication.
Paul Kuhn

Paul Kuhn

Brand Services Manager (2016)

Minnesotans have access to great breweries, and Paul loves visiting them, especially Surly Brewery. With a large variety of brews to please almost any palate, plus good food and a vast indoor and outdoor space, it’s simply a cool place to hang out.


  • 10+ years sales experience and 15+ years customer service experience
  • Excels at identifying special services opportunities that will bring value to the client
  • Partners with franchisees to resolve issues quickly and efficiently, always with the goal of upholding the Vanguard mission – Every customer, every day, every time!
Laura Fricke

Laura Fricke

Business Development Manager (2018)

Laura loves Minnesota’s beautiful scenery and enjoys spending time with her family at Lebanon Hills, Minnesota Zoo and the Nature Park. They take full advantage of the summer weather and farmers markets. Laura enjoys their annual escape to the beautiful lakes and woods of the Brainerd Lakes Area.


  • 15+ years in business sales development
  • Proven sales management success due to a natural ability to connect with customers and build long-term partnerships
  • Competitive, organized and energetic with experience in sales, marketing, and management
Ashley Hamerlind

Ashley Hamerlind

Office Manager (2018)

Ashley moved back to Minnesota from Iowa to enjoy more family time. She loves animals, especially cats. Her two biggest hobbies are reading books and playing video games. But, she’ll take any excuse to check out one of the many museums, galleries, and other interesting attractions the Twin Cities provide.


  • 5+ years of customer support and service experience
  • Strong knowledge of customer supplies and consumables
  • Supports the customer and franchise base with accounting, consumables, invoicing and brand services coordination
Carolyn Sampson

Carolyn Sampson

Digital Marketing Manager (2018)

Carolyn grew up and started a family in Cottage Grove, Minnesota before moving to Dakota County in 1986. Carolyn loves living and working in Eagan with its unique mix of parks and trails, restaurants and a thriving small business community. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her family at the Minnesota Zoo, the State Fair, a movie or the Alimagnet dog park.


  • 20 years of branding, marketing and web design experience
  • Works with the Brand Services and Business Development Team to communicate with current and potential customers and franchisees
Stephanie Bailey

Stephanie Bailey

Assistant Account Manager (2018)

Stephanie was born and raised in Minnesota. On the weekends, she spends her time in Minneapolis and St. Paul at their many superb concert venues, theaters, and chef-driven restaurants. In the spring and summer months, she enjoys taking trips to Duluth and Grand Marais with her family to experience the exquisite outdoor beauty that the state has to offer. 


  • 15 years of  customer service, management and sales experience 
  • Organized, efficient and effective
  • Works with the Brand Services Team to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction

    The Vanguard Difference

    Woman-Owned Business

    Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota is a woman-owned business with a culture of innovation, empowerment and trust.


    Vanguard Cleaning employees and franchisees demonstrate professionalism in everything we do, from response times to customer interactions.


    Vanguard Cleaning creates a custom solution for each customer’s unique cleaning needs by helping you choose options that fit your budget.

    Rated A+ BBB Bureau