Every person at Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota—whether an owner, franchisee or employee—strives to ensure our clients' satisfaction. After all, you have more important things to do than worry about the cleanliness of your building - that's our job.

Through our commitment to a set of core values in everything we do, from office cleaning to volunteering in our community, we've empowered a team of efficient, professional and dedicated individuals that are passionate about helping make your job easier.

Try us and discover The Vanguard Difference - "Every client, every day, every time!"

Our Core Values



Honesty, high ethical standards, and honorable behavior are woven throughout all levels of the Vanguard franchise operation. Our relationship-driven approach drives us to be trustworthy partners, consistently demonstrating a genuine spirit of service, both internally and externally.


Inspired by her own success in a male-dominated industry, our owner, Cindy, fosters confidence in thinking and achieving beyond employees’ current roles and experience. From Cindy on down, we support growth, progress, and positive change. We honor each individual within our organization and franchisee network, and we actively create a culture that is open, honest, and direct.


We believe that everyone is deserving of respect, regardless of title. We understand that diverse cultures result in diverse work styles and preferences—and Vanguard employees and franchisees honor, respect, and celebrate that diversity.


While Vanguard staff and franchisees strive for perfection, the reality is that even the most successful companies make mistakes. So we acknowledge when we’re wrong, and we respond to meet our clients’ needs immediately. We understand that we must earn trust from our clients, franchisees and employees through consistent and responsive service delivery.

No two businesses are alike—so why should their cleaning services be exactly the same? Vanguard employees and franchisees provide solutions that will ll fit your schedule, your facility, your budget, and the ever-changing needs of your organization. We’ll listen to your needs, customize the scope of work, and adjust over time so you get exactly what you want long-term.

We work hard to promote a professional relationship between our team members, franchisees, and clients—from start to finish.

But the key to solid communication and understanding is a direct relationship between franchisees and the client. It works! Issues get addressed quickly without the middleman.

At its core, our brand is built on service. From serving our franchisees—so they can grow their businesses and become more independent—to volunteering in our communities and financially supporting franchisees’ service projects, we take an others-centered approach that goes far beyond providing excellent cleaning services. Vanguard is deeply committed—at all levels—to helping people thrive.