• Cindy Banchy

    Cindy Banchy


Cindy Banchy

Cindy takes great pride in being one of the few women owners in a male-dominated industry.

Growing up in the farm country of Wisconsin, she learned the value of hard work and entrepreneurship. After 16 years at IBM, Cindy decided to create a business environment that empowered her employees and franchisees to find the best ways to succeed.

Her value of hard work extends beyond the office, she is also an avid runner and an experienced triathlete. And not just any triathlete, Cindy has completed two Ironman triathlons!

Cindy is proud of the team that she's built and the franchisee business owners she's helped to foster. They are all a reflection of her values and dedication to service.

Here is the Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota team. Not only do we live and work in Minnesota, but we truly love everything this state offers.

Michael Hamerlind

Michael considers Highland Park in St. Paul a hidden gem. He grew up there in the 70s and not much has changed. You can still catch a first-run movie at the Highland Theatre (where he first saw Star Wars on the big screen), pop across the street to the Highland Grill for the best turkey burger in town, or grab a cup of java at Quixotic Coffee next door. So much local flare in the city!

  • Michael Hamerlind

    Michael Hamerlind

    Assistant Regional Director

  • Eilene Wisniewski

    Eilene Wisniewski

    Business Development and Marketing

Eilene Wisniewski

If Eilene has a friend in town the first thing she does is check out the local theatre scene. Eilene considers herself lucky to live in a community filled with so many small professional theatres. Among her favorites are the History Theatre and Nautilus Music Theatre.

Katy Lund Kuhn

Katy loves the diverse entertainment options in the twin cities. One of her favorite newer spots is the Up Down in Minneapolis. They have dozens of arcade games, skeeball, a photo both, and even a giant Connect Four game. It’s a great place to relive some childhood memories and have a fun night out with friends.

  • Katy Lund Kuhn

    Katy Lund Kuhn

    Office Management

  • David Juntunen

    David Juntunen

    Brand Services

David Juntunen

Downtown Minneapolis is a favorite destination of David’s. David loves all the great food options, shopping opportunities, nightlife and the theatre district, all in one area. You can do and see a lot without having to drive from place to place. Plus, a cool feature of Minneapolis are the skyways—which means you have a way to walk around even if the weather is bad.

Brian Knutson

Brian loves spending time outside and feels lucky to live in a community where there are year-round outdoor activities. Some of Brian’s favorite things to do are fishing, visiting car shows, and taking walks in the fall while enjoying the beautiful colors.

  • Brian Knutson

    Brian Knutson

    Brand Services

  • Paul Kuhn

    Paul Kuhn

    Brand Services

Paul Kuhn

Living in Minnesota means you have access to great breweries and Paul loves visiting them, especially Surly Brewery. With a large variety of brews to please almost any palate, plus good food and a huge indoor and outdoor space, it’s simply a cool place to hang out.

Valerie Jolley

Winter can seem never-ending at times in the Midwest, and because of that Valerie makes sure to take advantage of summer for the limited time it’s around. She uses that warm weather to swim in pools, at water parks, and in any of the 11,842 lakes that populate this state.

  • Valerie Jolley

    Valerie Jolley



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