As an owner or manager of a multi-tenant facility, it’s important to find a janitorial company that’s responsive to your building’s Common Areas Maintenance (CAM) needs and enhances the value of your property.

Vanguard franchisees understand that even though a contract is with one centralized entity, our duty is to work well with each tenant. We provide office and business cleaning services that address the day-to-day cleaning of tenant offices and common areas, including:

Hallways & Restrooms

Cafeterias & Lunch Rooms


Shared Meeting Rooms, Conference Rooms

Receptionist Areas

Walk-Off Mat Replacement & Maintenance

We’ll adjust for vacancy credits, supply and manage Day Porters as needed, and accommodate diverse tenants with superb professionalism. And as with any Vanguard contract, you’ll have a customized cleaning schedule and specialized services that meet your exact needs and budget.