When is the last time you stopped by your local hardware store or supermarket for cleaning supplies? Did you notice how many product labels feature the words “green” or “sustainable”?

From dish soap to laundry soap, green chemicals can be found just about any everywhere, but does “green”, the use of green chemicals in commercial cleaning, really matter?

The green chemicals that are used today in commercial cleaning are engineered to perform their as well as their synthetic predecessors, and there are obvious environmental advantages to the use of green chemicals and sustainable practices. In 1984, the World Health Organization cited a study that found 30% of remodeled buildings worldwide suffered from “sick building syndrome” attributed to inadequate HVAC and outgassing of fumes from chemicals.

Green cleaning approaches matter for the earth and for the environments in which we work, which is why our Vanguard franchisee teams are dedicated to using state-of-the-art green cleaning chemicals and equipment.

The Benefits of Green Cleaning

Over the past decade, the Vanguard brand stands at the forefront of green office cleaning services with state-of-the-art developments in equipment, chemicals, and techniques – a standard of practice.


Improved Overall Health of your Organization – Vanguard franchise business owners are knowledgeable regarding advanced cleaning techniques and equipment which help reduce dust, bacteria, mold, pollen and other allergens. These techniques and equipment may improve the overall indoor air quality, minimize risk from exposure to residual cleaning chemicals and minimize cross contamination.


Minimized Environmental Impact – Green-certified or environmentally-friendly chemicals reduce packaging waste, and minimize water usage and introduction of harmful chemical components into the atmosphere.


Economic Benefits – If you or your organization has enacted recycling programs to reduce costs, consider how the Vanguard® green cleaning program might help complete your efforts.

Vanguard Cleaning Systems is a member of several eco-friendly organizations including the U.S. Green Building Council which is committed to a prosperous and sustainable future through cost-efficient and energy-saving green buildings. USGBC works toward its mission of market transformation through its LEED green building certification program, robust educational offerings, a nationwide network of chapters and affiliates, the annual Greenbuild International Conference & Expo, and advocacy in support of public policy that encourages and enables green buildings and communities.

Green cleaning is not only good for the environment, it’s also better for the health of your office. Ask your local Vanguard Cleaning Systems franchise team which cleaning methods and products clean more efficiently and consist of environmentally-friendly ingredients.