We are the comprehensive answer to your commercial cleaning needs. We bring flexible, professional, franchised cleaning solutions to maintaining your facility, whether it is a stand-alone building, campus or multi-location requirement.

Every Client. Every Day. Every Time.

Cindy BanchyWhen Cindy Banchy left her 16-year career at IBM, she built on her corporate experience and problem-solving skills to empower her employees and franchisees. This entrepreneurial approach—and the work ethic she developed growing up on a farm—created a winning culture and a solid foundation of success for our clients, franchisees, employees, and the community.

It’s what attracts hard-working small business owners with solid cleaning experience. Through our franchising program, we support them as they build successful franchises that serve clients with creative, comprehensive, customized solutions to meet their cleaning requirements. Simply put, we’ve created a unique culture that works!

And we have a good time while we’re at it. The Vanguard office isn’t just a productive one, it’s a fun one. If our franchisees, specialists, and account representatives are going to give the highest level of personal service—they need to feel good about it. They need to love their work! We cultivate an environment that inspires employees, with regular off-site volunteer days, after-hours events, and holiday parties. We also support the communities of our franchisees through a unique fund that supports special projects. This includes things from cricket teams to Cinco de Mayo sponsorships, scout trips, and more.

In the end, it all adds up to a highly motivated group of folks —both franchisees and staff—who love their work and love to improve their clients’ spaces and lives.